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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Bearcats Basketball Gets Long Awaited Win!

  Many people may have given up hope for the Binghamton Men’s Basketball team, as they started off the season 0-26.  With just a few games left to go, it seemed almost certain that they would finish with a winless record.  The Bearcats rallied behind their fans to a 57-53 victory over Vermont for win number one.  Though they still sit at only 1-26, it is a better record then 1-28, which is held by Division 1’s new worst team Townson.  Though none of this may seem important it was all a matter of pride.  The team can be proud that they avoided infamy, and the fans can be proud that they continued to support their school even when they boasted the nation’s worst record.
  Binghamton still has two regular season games left and hopefully they can use this win to carry them to two more.  Please, everyone come down to the Events Center on Thursday night to cheer on your Bearcats for their last home game of the season!  Hopefully they can pull out another win and if not, at least you’ll have fun being there!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

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Back to Basketball

The Bearcats Men’s Basketball team took on Boston University Saturday night, in their first home game since students have returned from winter break.  Despite the fact that Binghamton was 0-22 coming into this game, the fans in the student section were still getting into the game and cheering on their school with pride.  The Bearcats ended up losing the game, but nevertheless the people that attended the game seemed to be enjoying themselves.  I urge all students to come support the team on February 15th when the Men’s team takes on UMBC down at the Events Center.  Hopefully we can cheer on our team to their first win of the season!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

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Attention Students: Come to the Basketball Games!

  Last night I went down to the Events Center to watch the Binghamton Men’s Basketball team face off against Bucknell.  The students who come out to support the Bearcats really get into it and have a really good time. 
  The games are very easy to get to.  All you have to do is walk down to the Events Center on campus and show up with your BU Student ID and you get in for free. Even if you don’t like basketball it gives you something do from roughly 7:00-9:30pm.  The Bearcats need your support!  So please, all students, come watch and support your Basketball team. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

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Football Sundays

Sunday is a day used for many different purposes.  For some, it is a day to relax and sleep in.  For others, it is a day to catch up on all the work that they didn’t do during the rest of the week.  For me, I still manage to do those things, but it is also a day dedicated to football.  Back home I was always surrounded by Jets and Giants fans all week, so Sunday was a time for me to escape all of that and watch the Packers.  Now that I am in college, it’s pretty much the same situation, but with a few Bills fans sprinkled in here and there.  Nonetheless, everyone gets excited to watch their favorite teams on Sunday.  It’s quite common for the halls to sound like a fight has broken out or either the worst or greatest moment ever has just happened.  As you could imagine people can get pretty in to it.  Of course, I can that way during a game, but when your team is 11-0 things tend to be going pretty well.  It’s very interesting to watch the expressions of people after the games.  You can tell what teams won or lost just by looking at people faces after the games.  Overall, football Sunday can be a pretty good escape for what could be a stressful week ahead.  Then again, watching your favorite team struggle can be very stressful in itself.  I guess it’s a good thing that I’m a Packers fan then.


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