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Friday, August 22, 2014

I’m interested in teaching, writing, languages, economics and too much more to list

Hey everyone!
My name is Jesse Hickling, and I’m a senior majoring in English literature with a concentration in rhetoric, and economics.
On-campus, I have been involved both in and out of the classroom. I served as vice president of our Literary Society. I partake in our English Conversation Pairs program am a Native Speaking Assistant for one of our English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, along with working as a consultant at the campus Public Speaking Skills Lab. I’m hoping that I can successfully transition the skills I’ve learned here at Binghamton into the professional world. I’m interested in teaching, writing, languages, economics and too much more to list.
I come from humble beginnings. I grew up in a town that isn’t even as large as Binghamton’s campus, graduated with only about 30 other students. Binghamton is the largest city I have spent significant time in, something that probably sounds unbelievable to some of you! During the few years I’ve spent here at Binghamton University, the greater Binghamton area has become a very welcoming and pleasant home. 
I chose Binghamton because I loved the campus as soon as I set foot on it for my first tour. None of the other schools I visited had anything equivalent to Binghamton’s giant Nature Preserve or their unique style of on-campus living.
Handling my own finances for school based on scholarships, grants and financial aid, Binghamton’s affordability was just another selling point that couldn’t be beaten for the academic rankings it held at the time I applied, and it’s only gotten better since I’ve enrolled. I can’t imagine myself going back in time and choosing another school, because much of what I am today I owe to the unique lifestyle Binghamton has offered me.
Well, I hope that about covered all my necessary biographical bases, and I look forward to writing more in the future. Stay tuned!

This year, I’m doing a few different things

Hi everyone!

My name is Paul. I’m a senior biology student, pursuing minors in history and Italian. I come from Warwick, NY, a small town in Orange County about two and a half hours from Binghamton University.

This year, I’m doing a few different things. First and foremost, I’m President of the BU Glee Club, a singing and dancing club that got chartered back in fall 2011. It’s a really fun club, so if you like music, come audition! Another thing I’m involved with is University Tutoring Services, which offers free tutoring for a bunch of different subjects.  I’m a chemistry tutor. Tutoring is tons of fun, and students who come almost always do better in their classes. Finally, I’m doing some research on Lyme disease this year, through a project headed by Dr. Garruto, one of Binghamton’s anthropology professors.

This will be a very busy semester for me, because I’m applying to medical school, too. I just finished my written applications, but I’ll be leaving campus every once in a while to do interviews at different schools. Between interviews, extracurriculars, and classes, this should be a very interesting next few months. I’ll keep you all posted regarding what happens!


I’m Mark, and my favorite places at Binghamton are…

My name is Mark Rando. I was born and raised in Endicott, New York, which is only about 15 minutes from campus. I am a junior on the pre-nursing track and majoring in sociology with a minor in education. I am a tour guide for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, as well as on the e-board for the Binghamton University chapter of Habitat for Humanity. I am also involved in a few other clubs on campus. My favorite places on campus are the green house and the Nature Preserve. In my free time, I like to hang out with family and friends. I also really enjoy traveling. Last spring, I traveled to England; it was one of the best experiences of my entire life. 

All about the silver linings

Hey everyone!
My name is Maria, and I’m a senior here at Binghamton University. I’m studying Political Science and Spanish Language/Literature, and I’m a student on the pre-law track. I’ve had an amazing experience at Binghamton University, and everything from the people to the professors, have shaped my vision for what I want to be as a professional when I take my next steps into the real world!
I went to high school at an all girls’ school on Long Island, so coming to Binghamton definitely was quite the change! On campus, I’m president of our chapter for Habitat for Humanity as well as one of the captains for our mock trial team. I came to Binghamton fall 2011, with every intention of becoming a doctor. As it turns out, I ended up enjoying a lot more of my discussion based, analytical classes. As for chemistry… well, it only took one semester for me to realize that I was better at other things. Within my first few weeks here, I wanted to try everything since there were so many things Binghamton offered that I’ve never tried before. There are SO MANY things you can do here. I cannot stress that enough. SO MANY. Even if something looked cool, I tried it. If I didn’t like it? Then it was on to the next one. From Water Polo to International Flag Dancers, even though they weren’t my “fit”, putting myself out there and trying new things gave me the opportunity to meet new people and have new experiences. I didn’t even know what Mock Trial was until college- which by the way is exactly what it sounds like, you act out a fake trial. After I made the team, and being exposed to different ideas and ways of thinking, I started to develop a passion for law. I also met some of the most amazing people, and I’m proud to call these people my best friends. Whatever it is you do, go into it with an open mind. You might hate it, or you might love it. Either way, it’s a step towards finding yourself.

Everyone calls me Jackie

Hello! My name is Jaclyn, but everyone calls me Jackie. I am a Spanish major with a minorg in biology in the Harpur College of Arts and Sciences, and I am also studying to become a doctor or a speech pathologist on the pre-medical/ pre-health track.

I am a Binghamton University Tour Guide. I am also a member of the national pre-health co-ed fraternity Delta Epsilon Mu, now working on the Education and Fundraising Committees. I am also involved in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program, where I work with international students as a Native Speaking Assistant.

I originally chose Binghamton for the amazing School of Management accounting program, Quickly realizing that business was not something I wanted to pursue as a career, I took my second semester of freshman year to explore and take some general education classes Harpur (the liberal arts school). That’s where I discovered my love of the hard sciences and foreign language.

Outside of school, I love to read just about anything, in English, Spanish or sometimes French for practice. The nature preserve on campus is the best place to go running (no treadmills for me), and I love listening to music (favorite bands include A Day to Remember, Bruno Mars, Anberlin, Camila, Stromae).

Well, that’s about it for my introduction. I hope the topics I put in this blog help you in your decision making process or peak your interest in coming to Binghamton University someday!

They call me DJ Dith

They call me DJ Dith
Hey guys! Welcome to my first blog post.  My name is Meredith but some people call me Mabel or DJ Dith (long story – I’ll tell you later). I’m a senior (ah!) and originally from the holy land of Livingston, NJ. I’m majoring in PPL (Philosophy, Politics, and Law) and minoring in education and drawing. I’m not sure what I want to do after I graduate, but don’t worry I’ll keep you posted – probably some area of business (non-profit, marketing, sales) or education.
I love art and music and all forms of creative expression. I play the saxophone and guitar. Most of all, though, I love nature and the outdoors – everything from hiking to camping to cliff jumping and rock climbing (so I’ll fill you in on all the awesome secret scenic spots in Binghamton). I’m also into writing, tennis, cooking, comedy, long walks on the beach, (jk) eating, traveling, and did I mention eating?
Here on campus, I’m very involved in Jewish life. I’m active with Hillel, Chabad, and Meor. I have to admit I’m a little bit of a nerd in this area and love learning about Judaism and Torah. I’ve gone on three Binghamton trips to Israel and actually hope to go for an extended period of time after college.
I’m also a sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi (AEPHI) one of the Panhel social sororities, which is a ton of fun and also very rewarding through all the philanthropic events we do. I work at the East Gym on campus and love being active, and am also a Binghamton Tour Guide.  Oh, and I dabble in slam poetry (just pre-warning you in case some of my posts start to rhyme…)
I currently live off campus, but lived in College-in-the-Woods (CIW) as a freshman and Newing as a sophomore. (Not gonna lie, CIW is where it’s at.)
Anyway, that’s a rough layout of the fascinating, fantastical, crazy exciting world of Meredith Abel. (Just kidding, it’s not that fascinating). Hopefully you’ll get to know more about me through our virtual journey together.  I must say that Binghamton started as a school and quickly became a home (corny, but true). I’m so excited to start off my last year at Bing with all of you readers, and hopefully, you’ll get some insight into life here. Don’t hesitate at all to ask me questions or leave comments! K, I think that’s all for now.
Gossip Girl.
Until next time fellow readers,

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Perfectly prepared

Twelve hours. Twelve hours till graduation. Right now it seems unreal. I think it’ll hit me tomorrow. It hit me last night, too, at Dickinson commencement.

Each learning community has a ceremony to recognize graduating seniors who have lived there. Not everyone goes, but at Dickinson’s there was a pretty high turnout. More striking than the number of people present, though, was the intensity of the feelings everyone expressed. The speakers all did a great job summing up our community’s special ethos of inclusion, weirdness, and caring. Then, as is Dickinson tradition, each senior was given a certificate and the chance to share their favorite memory of Dickinson. It was really, really difficult for me to pick just one memory, because here’s the thing: what I’ve loved about Dickinson—and about Binghamton University as a whole—is the way that the choices I make and experiences I have every day add up to a huge process of growth.

At the ceremony I talked about RA Appreciation Day my freshman year, when my friend Nick and I made a card for our RA and got everyone on the floor to sign it. That day is in April, but it was the first time I worked up enough courage to talk to most of my floormates. Getting positive responses that day and other times very slowly made me less shy, and then I went to Italy and learned to really want to be outgoing, and then I was hired as an RA and had to make it my business to talk to everyone. Meanwhile, I had joined High Hopes, which helped me be better at taking care of myself and others. Those were really important skills for me to have last spring, when I started as an RA and also had a teaching internship. The classes I took for my English major and global studies and Italian minors reaffirmed and refined the love I’d always had for literature and its potential to help us understand ourselves and each other. My internship gave me the chance to combine that love with the emotional and interpersonal skills I’d developed and to decide on a career path: I’m going to be an English teacher.

Before I go to that, though, I will be completing a term of service with City Year New York. City Year is an AmeriCorps program that places members, aged 17-24, in disadvantaged schools for the purpose of providing emotional and academic support to at-risk students. I first heard about it through an ad on a bus back when I was in high school. At the time, I checked out the program’s website, thought it looked awesome from the standpoint of social justice, and figured I’d never be able to actually help with it. So, Binghamton, thank you, thank you, thank you, for helping me grow to the point where I’m not just able but excited.

Thank you also, Binghamton, for giving me the chance to try out blogging. I’ve found it to be a lot of fun, so I’ve decided to continue next year. Follow me over to—once I have access to a computer next week, I’ll start posting there, so head over if you’re curious about my new adventures. I’m definitely anxious, but I know that Binghamton has prepared me well by helping me learn to spread my wings and fly.


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