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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Eating Vegetarian

First off, I am not a vegetarian.  I love the idea of it and every so often I attempt to be one, but after five or six month I lose my will power and have a ham sandwich.  However, when given the option of eating meat or not eating meat, I will choose not to 90% of the time.  So when I came to college options at the dining hall were pretty important for me.  Most places, if you don’t want to eat meat you’re stuck with cereal—not the case at Binghamton!

Here are just a few of the vegetarian options offered everyday at my local dining hall, Hinman:

“From the Garden”- This is the vegan section exclusive to Hinman (making it the best dining hall in my opinion).  Recent dinners include Vegan Lo Mein, Greek Crepes with Cucumber Salsa, Jasmine Rice Cakes with Asian Vegetables and Fried Tofu and Hot Chili Sauce over Rice.  The also occasionally offer Moosewood products, such as soup.
Salad Bar- the obvious go-to for an herbivore.  The salad bar at Hinman (and most others) includes the normal stuff like ice berg lettuce, dark leaves, olives, mushrooms, broccoli, onions and croutons but also has chick peas, eggs, tofu, goldfish, raisins and cheese among other things to keep it interesting!
Sandwich Counter- once again, pretty obvious choice.  Vegetarian options include eggplant, egg salad, tuna fish, mozzarella and peanut butter and fluff.
The Grill- the grill offers hot food made to order- garden and veggie burgers are available, but my favorite thing to get there is an omelet.  You can ask for almost anything in it such as peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes or cheese!
Waffles- if you feel like having “breakfast for dinner”, every dining hall has a few waffle makers and homemade waffle batter in cups with flavors like banana, blueberry and brownie.  Each waffle takes only three minutes to cook.
Sushi- California Rolls, Veggie Rolls, Tsunami Rolls and countless others are always available.  Many have fish or crab in them for the less strict vegetarian, but there are several kinds that have vegetables only.
Pasta- plain pasta with cheese and sauce is always available, but often times there is also ravioli, shells or vegetarian lasagna as well.

If you’re interested in seeing the daily menu at Binghamton, here’s the website to do so!

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