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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FitSpace and Stress Relief

Early semester stress and how I deal:

This semester has been crazy. I have committed my time to a lot of different things and this has been rewarding but also difficult. I play a club sport, have a job on campus, and am the president of a club. I put a lot of time into each of these as well as my academics and just as most students do, I get stressed out. I get nervous about my grades and balancing everything but as you have probably heard before, time management is everything. Getting assignments, studying and other responsibilities completed in a timely manner prevents a lot of stress and relieves the feeling of never having enough time. Besides this, completing things early leaves time for socializing, hobbies, and relaxing.

At Binghamton University, you have to pay a fee to access the gym. Some people are off-put by this but this makes it so people that do not use this resource do not have to spend money on it. Also, it allows our gym to constantly improve their facilities and equipment. You are also able to take advantage of the fitness classes by purchasing a membership. I did not purchase a membership my first three semesters at school. However, this semester I did and it has been really beneficial to both my mental and physical health. It does not require a lot of my time, it acts as an outlet for stress relief, and a means of socialization because I usually go with my friends. I usually run but we actually just got a brand new piece of equipment called SYNRGY360 Trainer which includes a punching bag and TRX suspension trainers plus more which my friends and I are slowly learning how to use. There are obviously other methods of stress relief but having access to the gym helps me in this regard especially because my physical health really impacts my ability to learn and willingness to do work.

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